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Reach your full potential by escaping the injury/burnout cycle.

Break free from the injury, burnout, low motivation cycle forever.

Running is one of the most natural, healthiest habits you can possibly have.

Running should feel easy, give you energy, make you strong and happy. It’s the ultimate way to relief stress.

So when you develop an injury, feel burned out or lose your motivation to run, it’s a sign that something’s off.

When stress accumulates in your mind and body, things start to break down.

So quickest and most effective way to become a healthy running and increase vitality is to reduce your total stress load.

Don’t spend another day running with pain, sidelined by injury, burnout or wishing for that dream race.

Learn how to reduce your stress to recover faster, have more energy and enjoy better running and health.

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End the cycle of chronic injury and burnout forever

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What People Are Saying

“It was absolutely great to attend the retreat. Thank you very much for all your help, support, and knowledge about running, nutrition, and sustainable running.”

Tamara G.

consultant, marathoner, Miami, Florida

“Elinor’s passion about nutrition inspired me to get out of the cooking rut that I am in and try new foods and not be afraid to try ingredients that I have never cooked with before.”

Kelly W.

mom, trail runner, Tucson, Arizona

“Elinor is the kind of coach you want to have you navigate your way to healthy running. She is a pro who cares and can absolutely help transform.”

Ashley Arnold

professional ultrarunner, writer

About Elinor Fish

Elinor is a motivational speaker, writer, coach and competitive runner specializing in mindful running practices for the modern runner. Her career as an athlete in events ranging from 5K to 100 miles spans 25 years. She has spent over a decade coaching, writing and serving the running industry. Her work and ideas have been featured in Trail Runner, Runner’s World, Outside, SHAPE, Running times, Yoga Journal, National Geographic Adventure, Aspen magazine and many others.

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