Does fitting running into already-packed day means making sacrifices that leave you feeling tired, guilty or both?

Are you constantly sidelined by injury, burnout, lack of motivation or all of the above?

Running used to be so easy… and fun!
What the heck happened?

It’s not your fault.

Our culture pushes the “no pain, no gain” message, but I don’t buy it.
Running shouldn’t hurt. It shouldn’t make you tired.

If running is hard for any reason, then something’s not right.

I believe that running is the healthiest thing you can do.

So it should always be fun and easy, right?

The good news is that you can immediately improve your running, raise your energy and restore your health.

You can run in a way that actually fits into your life, on your terms and affords you better health, more energy and fitness.

Better running isn’t about working harder.

Better running is about giving your body what it needs so you can live the active lifestyle you love.

After a long break from running due to injury and health issues, I wanted to get back to the running I love. However, I was feeling frustrated because other demands and commitments in my life made it difficult to consistently build up my fitness.

Running mindfully has helped me to shift the focus from what I feel I can’t do to what I can do right now. Running is once again a source of joy instead of a trigger for frustration and resentment.

Donna H.

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Praise for Elinor's Work

“You really gave me the confidence to do something that I definitely thought I would never be able to do (Me? Run? Are you crazy?). Now, there is really no limit!”

Fiona M.

Carbondale, Colorado

“I have a lot going on in my life (work, baby), and I internalize it as stress. I don’t allow myself enough time to run or exercise consistently. I learned what some of the signs of stress your body gives you and how to be more mindful while running.”

Aviva B.

Los Angeles, California

“Thanks to you I now have a completely different opinion regarding what I can do with running. I learned to throw out the old physical and mental limitations I tended to harbor.”

Kristie K.

Austin, Texas

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