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Stress less and run more

Running is your stress reliever, your social time, your alone time, it clears your head and lifts your mood.
But as much as you love it, running sometimes feels hard. Some days you feel too sore or exhausted.
Or you have to sacrifice your run to get more “important” things done. Run Wild Retreats + Wellness
helps you create a sustainable running practice that fits into your busy life, supports your health and
nurtures your overall well-being. Because you don’t just like to run; you need to run.

Run Wild Retreats + Wellness offers premier running and wellness retreats in some of the world’s
best trail running destinations. As a retreat participant, you immerse yourself in the mindful running
experience while exploring beautiful trails in a foreign place. Along with your retreat leader, Elinor Fish,
and a group of like-minded women, you’ll grow, learn, revive your energy and renew your motivation.

What is Mindful Running?

Mindfulness and running are beautifully complimentary practices that when done together, not
only improve your running, but also serve as a powerful, sustainable, enjoyable practice that
enhances all areas of your life. Running mindfully offers a better way to manage your
energy, stress and fitness.

Whether you’re a parent, a business leader, a caregiver or 
whatever important roles you play, you are needed.
But you can’t serve others until you serve yourself first.

Mindful running helps you manage stress, fix a bad mood, refresh your mind and
strengthen your body. It lets you be your best self and fully show up for
those who depend on you. Mindful running allows you to thrive not only
as a runner, but also as a person.

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